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Thoughts of my Donor

I feel I know you, but I don’t even know your name. We share a connection I have your heart, I call it my new heart.
It beats with such strength I benefit each day and grow stronger; I could take on the world with my new heart.
I think of you and wonder what you were like when you were here.
I was 3 years on the list, I didn’t want to die and leave my family.
I had days to live when the call came.
Oh the relief when the surgeon said, it’s a match.
I wasn’t afraid, this was my chance. This heart was meant for me.
When I woke, I could breathe with ease.  I was aware of the vibrant beating inside my chest.  I couldn’t stop smiling but my joy was tinged with sadness when I thought of you and your family’s sorrow and I cried.
There is no heartache like the loss of a child I know this only too well.
It was hard to find a heart that was a match for me, and then your family donated and saved me. It was a miracle. I will always be grateful.
Rest easy my dear young friend you will always have a special place in my new heart.
Margaret McCann -
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