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Running for "Circle of Life"

Relatives and friends of Éamonn Goggin, have been raising funds in different ways to help with the creation of "Circle of Life" Commemorative Garden.  Five young people from Yorkshire travelled all the way to Connemara in May to take part in the Connemarathon between Leenane & Maam Cross, and others took part in half marathons in the UK.

One of those taking part was Eileen Watson who is a first cousin of Éamonn Goggin from Spiddal whose organs were donated for transplantation following a fatal road crash in 2006.  Éamonn's parents set up Strange Boat Donor Foundation and this website in his memory and the memory of all organ donors, and to give comfort and support to those affected by organ donation and transplantation.


€1,667 raised for the Foundation by these five wonderful people  -  Well Done!



Feeling very relieved and very proud having finished the half marathon on a beautiful sunny Sunday in Maam Cross:

Natalie Cain; Eileen Watson and her husband Duncan Watson; Susan Fogarty, Gentle Berridge.

Eileen, speaking after the run, said she and her friends were so happy to be in a position to help out with raising funds for this very special commemorative garden project and, as she said, "we were runnning for Éamonn".


....and the children were proud too.










 "Circle of Life" commemorative garden is being developed by the Foundation, in partnership with Galway City Council, and it is planned the project will commence in late 2012. Read further details on the garden on circleoflife/garden.html


Two further fund raising events in the UK raised €765


Emma Haslett and Richard Atherton, friends of Éamonn's cousin, Eileen, took part in the Manchester 10k on Sunday 20th May


Deirdre Goggin Dobson, another of Éamonn's cousins, ran the half marathon in Wolverhampton on July 7th.


This wonderful support is so much appreciated - thanks to everybody.

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