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2011 Transplant Sports Programme

2010 was a momentous year for transplant & dialysis sport in Ireland.  A year which saw Ireland successfully host the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games in August, thanks, in no small part, to the commitment and spirit of the Irish team.


"The legacy of the Games is a positive one", said, National Transplant and Dialysis Games Manager. "There are now more people than ever involved in transplant & dialysis sports, and we must all continuously work towards increasing our numbers. We succeeded in getting significant media coverage around the Games which has gone a long way to raising the public profile of organ donor awareness.  Our profile in sporting circles has also grown significantly – we have received many congratulations for the success of our team and the prominence of the media campaign to which the entire team contributes".  


Colin White
National Transplant & Dialysis Games Manager
Tel. +353 1 620 5306 / +353 87 684 3644
Fax. +353 1 620 5366

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