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Organ Transplant Statistics 2008

There are currently over 600 people in Ireland awaiting life saving transplant operations.  The number of deceased donors in 2008 was 81, down by 7 on 2007.

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Worldwide Organ Donation Statistics

The following analysis of Organ Donation and Transplantation Statistics are derived exclusively from the O.N.T. Transplant Newsletter 2008 Volume 13, number one.  Each country has been ranked per million of population for comparison purposes.

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Informed consent

The Irish Kidney Association wish to clarify and explain its stance that informed consent should remain as the position for Irish organ donation with modifications and investment in donor coordinators.                          

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Irish Athletes Success at Transplant Games

Irish Athletes returning from the World Transplant Games in Australia received a huge welcome at Dublin Airport following their great success at the games, winning a total of 22 medals.

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Vicky's Story as told by her Sister

Regularly the media carries tragic, yet uplifting stories of how families cope with life following the death of a loved one, a family member who in death continues to give love and life to others.  This link is to a feature from Easy Living Magazine and tells Vicky's story as told by her sister Katy.

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